Artifical Fog – Basic Fluid

Extremely long-lasting fluid with a particularly high proportion of raw materials.
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Artificial Fog




The Basic Fluid convinces a particularly high proportion of raw materials. With water as a base, it leaves no residue or odor. This particularly long-lasting fog fluid is therefore ideal for rescue scenarios or fire drills. Available in 5L or 25L canisters and in 200L and 1,000L drums. Perfectly matched to our fog machines.

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Pack size 5L, 25L, 200L, 1000L

Artificial Training Fog creates authentic smoke conditions of real fires with continuous fog, is suitable for daily use, works according to the evaporator principle, and is microprocessor-controlled.

The robust reliability of our equipment ensures a consistently high level of training over the long term. We guarantee this with our quality standards which have been established for over 30 years.


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