D – Heart Wireless ECG

Hospital level ECG, cardiologists from across the world recommend using D-Heart to check the health of patients.

Evaluate the heart’s activity comprehensively so as to locate the origin of any anomaly by giving a timely response to any cardiac symptom.



Product Type

Wireless ECG

  • Detect different pathologies in a simple and safe way
  • D-Heart uses 2 patented technologies; the cable exit system that prevents them from being inverted and augmented reality feature that uses the smartphone camera to guide the correct positioning of the electrodes
  • Quality Made in Italy Certified and validated
  • Ease of use and quality of materials are a plus that ensures maximum efficiency and durability over time
  • D-Heart is a solution certified and validated as a medical device in 24 countries around the world.
  • Portable and lightweight: Lighter than your smartphone, you can take it anywhere thanks to its wireless charging case.
  • Bluetooth connection: After the first use, the connection to your smartphone is simple and automatic.
  • Economic: A device within everyone’s reach thanks to the possibility to pay in  installments. No subscription service required.

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