IBD Biorespira

Biorespira is a non-invasive pulmonary ventilator, developed to respond to the current health emergency linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an innovative and versatile NIV approach to assisted lung ventilation, both in a clinical and daily context.

Biorespira provides the ultimate technology: – High flow generator for non-invasive lung ventilation of adult patients with respiratory insufficiency, who breathe independently. – Isolated system that prevents the risk of infection for other people in the room due to the aerosol effect of the gas exhaled by the patient. – Easy-to-use and flexible clinical solution for a wide range of applications in sub-intensive care, post-surgery, first aid, assisted health care residences and home care.



Product Type


Biorespira can use at:

  • Hospitals: Biorespira avoids ICU congestion. Patients can recover in General Medicine Units
  • Nursing Homes: Biorespira helps treat the elderly without transferring to hospitals
  • Homes: Biorespira helps fight oxygen deficiency while at home
User Friendly Interface

  • 10″ Display
  • Touchscreen
  • Direct reading of the PEEP, SpO2 parameters and respiratory rate (RR)
  • ¬†Improvement of oxygenation and drainage of bronchial secretions increase of Co2 clearance with reduction of functional dead space generation of positive airway pressure
  • Integrated regulation and mixing of oxygen, adjustable from 21% to 100%
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy: Flow adjustable from 10 to 120 L/min (5L/min increments)
  • PEEP pressure sensor
  • Works with helmets, face masks and nasal cannulas. Use with helmets, non-vented masks, with PEEP valve and antiviral/antibacterial filter creates an isolated system that prevents the risk of infection caused by the aerosol effect of the gases exhaled by the patient

General Specifications
– Dimensions: 291mm(W) x 259mm(H) x 203mm(D) with built-in patient bed coupling
– Weight: 3kg (6.6lb)
– Screen: 10″
– Power supply: 24V-switchig adapter AC/DC (100-240V, 50-60Hz)
– Degree of protection: IP21
– Theraphy: HFT & CPAP

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