JUD care sROOM Portable Isolation Room

JUD care‘s sROOM is a portable negative pressure isolation room specially designed to quickly isolate patients whilst ensure public safety and a great user experience during a large-scale airborne infectious disease outbreak, such as COVID-19.

JUD care

Product Type

Isopod, Covid-19

· The fresh air high-efficiency filtration system supplies air with multiple filtration functions and provides abundant fresh air for the room.

· The exhaust outlet with HEPA filter captures 99.99% pathogens, minimizing pathogen transmission.

· Proper pressure difference prevents contaminated air leakage.

· Proper airflow organization helps reduce the concentration of infectious particles inside the room and ensure the safety of staff.

· Auto-open door system helps you avoid contact with the door when entering or exiting the isolation room, reducing the risk of transmission of pathogens.

· Emergency backup power supply helps maintain  perfect operation  in  the  event  of  a power failure.

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