MICKER PRO MK-10W – AXITOUR: The wireless all in one hand microphone with speaker

The Micker is an all-in-one battery-operated microphone, which has its own powerful built-in speaker. It provides a clear and powerful sound for small gatherings of up to thirty people.


The Micker is provided with a speaker with a sound reflector that spreads the sound forward into space. Also, a feedback suppressor ensures that the microphone does not use the sound that comes out of the speaker (so it will prevent, you hear an echo). It’s a quick and easy way to transfer your message to a group of people.


The Micker will be delivered with:
  • The Micker
  • Basic Charger (220V) + USB cable
  • Battery (3000mah 3,7V)
  • Lanyard
  • Pouch for the Micker
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Micker All- in- One Microphone

The Micker All-in-One Microphone amplifies your voice by approximately three times, to give you that extra boost to be heard in small to medium environments, without the need for extra equipment like a wireless microphone receiver, amplifier, speaker box, and all without a single cable.

Set-up time is non-existent, just pick up the Micker, turn it on, and start talking;

That’s it!


  • Tour guides to speak to their guests
  • Trainer/coach during Indoor or outdoor presentations for sporters/athletes
  • Teachers for presentations
  • Conferences for presentations
  • Indoor and outdoor presentations
  • Tours in a business building or plant
  • Product presentations
  • Seminars
  • Church

The Micker is the best-combined speaker and microphone in a device:

  • Compact
  • Perfect sound
  • Easy address a large group of people without voice upliftment
  • Perfect sound
  • Light in weight
  • Ergonomic


  • Max Power Output: 5 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 300Hz~15KHz ± 2dB
  • Hours of Battery use: 18650 type – 2800mAh 6 hours
  • Charging time: 5 hours (Basic Charger)
  • Charger: 18650 type Battery 1CH charge (5V/650mA)
  • Battery: 18650 lithium-ion battery (2800mA)
  • Weight and Size: 280g / Length 25cm
  • Configuration: SpeaMic main body / Pouch / Strap

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