• Lightweight, 8 tethered sectional Fiber Glass mosquito frame with repellant impregnated netting to ensure for total all round protection
  • Remove all round plugs on bed end frame and securely attach mosquito frame
  • Compatible to all Disc-Bed cot systems and single cot units
  • Supplied in a drawstring bag for easy transportation



  • Color: green with black frame
  • Outer dimensions (width and height varies according to which Disc-Bed system is being fitted): 81.75” (208cm) L x 32.25-39.5” (82-100.5cm) W x 30-34” (76-86cm) H
  • Pack dimensions: 33” (84cm) L x 6” (15cm) W x 5” (13cm) H
  • Weight: 2.5lbs (1.5kg)



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