NIXUS | ERA (Efficient Roof Angle)

is the only modular high-pressure tent with angled beams, offering geometry with more vertical sidewalls and better internal space efficiency.

Product Type

Disaster Tent



There are two versions of the construction:

  • 200 cm beam spacing version is a heavy-duty tent primarily intended for accommodation purposes
  • 250cm beam spacing (referred to as RB (Reduced Beams) version) is designed for fast deployment and wherever lower weight and transport volume is important

The tough structure of ERA tents is made of heavy-duty seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ (150 mm) diameter, working pressure in tubes may vary between 4-8 bar (60 – 120 psi). The minimum (collapse) pressure is 1.5 bar, while the safety valves are set to 8 bar.

Each tent is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag, with an option of additional transport packing in aluminum or Clip-Lok boxes. The set of installation and repair kits is in the scope of the delivery.

  1. Canopy
  2. Main beams
  3. Gable walls
  4. Spacers
  5. Single pointairconnection
  6. Pneumatic connection hose
  7. Windows
  8. Sunshade (camouflage, thermal, infrared)
  9. Liner (insulation, hygienic)
  10. Anti slippery PVC floor
  11. Visors

NIXUS | ERA SI uses horizontal high-pressure inflatable beams as tensioning elements. At the same time, it may work as a spacer
and holder for sun shade cover.

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