The BPR Medical range of regulators provide a safe and convenient way of connecting high pressure gas cylinders to flowmeters, ventilators and other equipment required to run from a low pressure gas source.

Technical Description
A regulator is connected to the gas cylinder via one of a number of different designs of inlet connector that are the result of differing gas bottle connection standards across the world.

The lower outlet pressure of the regulator is achieved by balancing the force applied by the gas on a piston head with a spring of known characteristics. A valve seat limits the flow of gas, restricting the force that can be applied on the piston head until such time as a state of equilibrium can be reached in the system (i.e. the outlet pressure). The specific characteristics of the valve seat, piston and spring combine to determine the outlet pressure. As gas is drawn from the regulator, the outlet pressure drops and the valve opens in an attempt to maintain the equilibrium under the new gas flow conditions.

An over pressure valve (OPV) protects the user from any high gas pressures by venting excess pressure to ambient. The OPV is a spring loaded valve with a pre-set operating pressure.

Particulate filtering in the form of a 40 micron inlet filter is incorporated to prevent the ingress of debris, which may alter the performance of the device and increase the risk of fire.

Outlet pressure is available at the outlet connector to enable the end user to fit the intended delivery device (e.g. flowmeter).

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