No pressure on the chest, hips and legs

Up to 3 removable, transversely mounted struts prevent the dangerous compression of chest, hips and legs.Nevertheless, this tote offers the stability, security and comfort of a rigid stretcher.

Protected spine

A removable, longitudinally oriented strut protects spine and back when the patient is pulled over an edge or uneven surface.

The bottom remains free of straps

Dragging on the ground with mounted Aufhängegurten works fine!
The Aufhängegurte be hooked on the edge of the stretcher. The color coding shows clearly on which side of the belt should be mounted.
The suspension allows safe lifting of the heaviest patients also.

Applications include:

  • The support is placed under the patient without having to raise this
  • Trouble pulling on grass or snow
  • Transport means 8 ergonomic handles
  • Horizontal and vertical rescue
  • Use in water rescue
  • Use even in winter
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