ROOM DOPAIR is an outstanding mobile medical device for air decontamination in hospital risk areas.

Instantly operational and extremely silent, ROOM DOPAIR can reach performances re¬quested by ISO6 areas and anyway ISO 7 and ISO 8 (NF EN ISO 14644-1). It does not need any modification or alteration of the area for its implementation.

As the result of working in partnership, ROOM DOPAIR was developed taking into account the input of hospital staff.

The result is a compact, mobile and silent unit that offers an immediate solution for achieving the microbiological and particle requested classification as well as a strong reduction of molecular pollution.


Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) with high bactericide, fungicide, sporicide and virucide ac-tions on living particles such as Aspergillus Niger.
Molecular pollution (VOC, formalde¬hydes,…)

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