The ventilator is designed for use in locations with limited space or reduced maneuverability.


It incorporates a state-of-the-art turbine system that makes it one of the quietest ventilators on the market.


Intuitive Use

Its user interface allows the medical team to set the appropriate ventilatory parameters easily and efficiently.


Wall gas independent

Thanks to the turbine and its unique design, it is capable of running on ambient air, with no need for a hospital gas supply.


Low Maintenance

Thanks to the modular design of the ventilator and the regular and advanced maintenance of the equipment, it does not require a high level of specialization of the maintenance personnel, thus reducing the customer’s investment in training and increasing the availability times of the equipment.


Ideal for intra-hospital transport

Its compact design makes it one of the most versatile ventilators on the market for use on fixed surfaces or during intra-hospital transport.


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