WRS – M1 Pro Helmet

Suitable for water rescue in dynamic environments that always changing such as floods and swift water environments.


This type of environment requires the use of equipment and techniques that can better manage the risk of entrapment, and avoid further escalating working in this dangerous situation.


Weight – 760g

Size Range – 52cm – 64cm

Product Type




  • Multi-purpose helmet – Work at Height, Water Rescue, Powerboat (Marine Safety), Technical Rescue
  • Highly adjustable cradle
  • Large adjusters and clips for ease of use with gloves
  • Internal goggles
  • Low Temperature classification -20 Degrees Celsius
  • Ventilated shell for comfort and safety
  • Side mounting for accessories
  • Goggle/ Head torch band clamp
  • Silver Reflective markings
  • Velcro pads for Lighting options
  • Replaceable head and headband padding
  • Optional Full Face Visor

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