In response to requests from a number of emergency clinicians, several years ago we introduced KLENZALAC®, the ultimate wound irrigation system.

KLENZALAC is designed specifically for large, complex, or heavily contaminated wounds, including bites, crush injuries, and open fractures. This self-contained system allows rapid, high-volume irrigation of these particularly nasty wounds. You simply fill, and flush! In fact,KLENZALAC delivers 250 cc’s at high pressure in less than 90 seconds. All with the proven, total protection of the ZEROWET SPLASHIELD.

And remember, studies show squeezing a saline bottle just can’t generate nearly enough pressure!

The KLENZALAC system is packaged in it’s own TrayBasin, which holds 800 cc’s of irrigation saline or water, and it includes an ultra-absorbent “chuck”, which absorbs over 500 cc’s without dripping on your lap! And, our product is actually less expensive than any of the older devices that leash you to an IV bag.

KLENZALAC is already saving time and encouraging better cleansing of these time-consuming wounds for your colleagues all across the country. Find out why it is the ultimate wound irrigation system.

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