AXIWI AT-350 Tour Guide System – AXITOUR

The AXIWI AT-350 duplex tour guide system is a two-way communication system. Six people can simultaneously communicate with each other, just like a phone call.


The AXIWI tour guide system can completely be operated hands-free. The system has four channels and each channel can be used by a maximum of 250 people.

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Axitour AT-350 duplex communication system offers many more options compared to simplex communication and a wide range of usages.

For tours…

One tour guide with a maximum of 250 listeners, of which four can establish contact with the guide.

  • Two tour guides who lead a group together
  • Two tour guides who, together, lead one group. One follower can, one at a time, converse with the two leaders. All participants hear the conversation between these people.
  • Three tour guides, all three lead the group


But also for…

  • Business Tours
  • Conferences
  • Museums and coaching companies
  • Sports (refereeing, coaching, training)
  • Education




Area of Application

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