The new Sordin Share combines safe hearing protection with a first-class medium-range intercom that truly breaks teamwork barriers.


Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC™)

Sordin Share is based on a mesh network solution designed specifically for secure, critical team intercom. As an off-network solution without a dedicated base station, Sordin Share works everywhere without any additional equipment.


Voice control

Just say “Hey Sordin” followed by a command. That’s how easy it is to activate the many functions in Sordin Share. The intuitive voice control lets you use both hands for actual work, at all times.


App Control

The Sordin Share smartphone app allows team members to easily set, adjust and use the many features. It’s just as simple and intuitive as you’ve learned to expect from any modern smartphone app.

Product Type




Sordin Technology

  • Medium-range connectivity.
  • Full duplex – conversational, hands-free.
  • No pushing of a button.
  • Autonomous, off-grid.
  • Multiple users (max 15).
  • Dynamic, flexible network.


  • VERSION: Headband
  • WEIGHT (GRAM): 450
  • CUP COLOR: Black
  • TYPE: Electronic
  • CATEGORY: Medium
  • SNR: 29
  • H: 35
  • M: 26
  • L: 20


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