Laryngoscope – HYHJ-KC


Haiye Medical

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Main features:

●  It has high precision all mold manufacturing technology, stainless steel reinforcement, not easy to damage, long service life.;

●  The machine adopts imported large capacity lithium battery, which can last for more than 300 minutes.;

●  It has the functions of taking pictures, videos and fixing frames, and can store and export them.;

●  The unique anti fog function can be used normally after 3 minutes of warm up. There is no blind area.;

●  This machine has four specifications, suitable for adult large, medium size, child type and newborn type.;

●  The camera system is made of 304 stainless steel and can be reused after disinfection.;

●  Mature reliable and fully functional electronic solutions and high-definition digital camera system, with 3 “TFT color display screen, image restoration effect is good.

Scope of application:

It is suitable for the anesthesiology, emergency department, ICU, pediatrics and ambulance for clinical tracheal intubation, simulation practice, clinical teaching, and difficult airway intubation.

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