NP-320 Isolator



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Technical features:
The isolator is mainly used for the isolation transportation of patients suspected or identified as respiratory infectious diseases in the environment of toxic gas ( such as gas bomb pollution).
The isolator frame is made of high quality and durable transparent material without pollution release, and sealed through zipper.
The isolator adopts the principle of positive and negative pressure. The positive pressure principle can prevent the poisonous gas from entering the cabin. The negative pressure can prevent polluted air from leaking in the cabin.
The filter tank can make external toxic gas or internal pollution gas highly efficient filtration to ensure that the filtered gas is clean.
The fan with lithium battery and can be used continuously for not less than 5 hours.
The cabin is equipped with 8 sealing covers, the medical staff need use rubber gloves to open the sealing covers, which is convenient for examination the medicine, food and patients.
The oxygen access valve and instrument communication port and infusion tube hole can be connected the sealing covers.

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