FX 3000MD – Modular Patient Monitor

FX 3000MD monitor is a multi-functional bedside monitor that enables monitoring and supervision of vital signs of patients in:

  • ICUs
  • Operating rooms
  • Post-operative wards

It is also designed to work in neonates’ units.

Product Type

Patient Monitor



The feature that distinguishes this type of patient monitor is its modular structure. Measurement modules can be connected to a monitor by one of the available connectors and can be easily transferred between monitors.

FX 3000MD monitor can work as a separate device as well as a part of the FX 3000 Intensive Care System.

Optionally, an FX 3000T monitor is available as a transportable multiparameter module which normally is docked in the FX 3000MD monitor but can be used independently as a small patient monitor with long operation on battery.

FX 3000MD ensures the monitoring and supervision of the following parameters:

  • ECG (limb and pre-cordial leads)
  • Respiration (Rheographic method)
  • Arterial blood pressure NIBP (non-invasive method)
  • Arterial, venous blood pressure, and other IBPs (invasive method)
  • Pulse oximetry SpO(motion and low perfusion tolerant)
  • Carbon dioxide concentration ETCO2 in patients’ expired air
  • Temperature (in two measuring points and their difference)
  • Cardiac output (together with hemodynamic calculations)
  • ST analysis (slope and level)
  • ECG arrhythmia analysis
  • Oxygen concentration in the gas mixture
  • Anesthetic gas concentration: N2O, ISO, ENF, HAL, SEV, DES
  • Pacemaker detection

Additionally, if required by the customer, the following options are available:

  • Drug calculator
  • Thermal printer
  • Selectable wave-forms sweep speeds
  • Archive
  • The interactive viewer of monitors screens connected together into a network
  • The ability of archive transfer and its viewing on a PC

The FX 3000MD monitor provides alarm signaling in life-threatening cases when alarm limits of measuring parameters are exceeded as well as the storing of all monitoring parameters.

Due to the big storage memory, the FX 3000MD monitors allow for storing and archiving information about treated patients and transmitting it to the central station and databases in other IT systems.

FX 3000T monitor is an optional addition to the FX 3000MD monitor and may work as a multiparameter module when it is docked in the FX 3000MD monitor but also as a completely independent monitor when removed from the FX 3000MD monitor. Thanks to the long operation on battery the FX 3000T monitor ensures constant monitoring of the patient during transportation.

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